Die deutsche Kultur ist über die Jahre nicht einfacher geworden, was man vor allem dann bemerkt wenn man versucht Menschen von auswärts zu erklären was man machen muss um typisch deutsch zu sein. Wash Echte macht genau das in seinem Blog http://www.ichwerdeeinberliner.com/. Witzig, traurig, ironisch, selbstkritisch, englisch, neuberlinerisch trifft er den Nagel auf den Kopf.

Hier eine Leseprobe aus dem Artikel „6. Cafes“:
“Ordering coffee must be handled with extra care. If you have no clue about coffee varieties, stop reading this NOW and head to a bookstore to get a book on the topic. There will be plenty to choose from. Once you’re fluent in the language of caffeine, imagine a “coffee coolness pyramid” with “Latte Macchiato” at the bottom. Latte Macchiato has been the favorite since the mid-90s but then, it was picked up by the “wrong type of Germans”. Thankfully, German people discovered “Galao”, which is the exact same drink, just from Portugal. Put “Galao” above Latte Macchiato in our imagined pyramid. The next level is, surprisingly, plain Espresso. Many Germans who are considered “cool” by other Germans stopped worrying about what the current coffee specialty is, and now just order Espresso. This gives them the aura of being special, easy-going, and culturally versed. The tip of the pyramid though, would be to order “just a mug of filter coffee”, not because you like it, but to show you are an avant-garde intellectual who is too special to follow any trend. This is an advanced move not recommended for new arrivals in Germany. If you do it the wrong way, you will be seen as an uncultured “Proll” and your chances to earn respect from your German.”